Where Personal Training is Our Business Not a Sideline.

The Method

We Emphasize slow full range movements done to momentary muscular failure. We use High Intensity Strength Training as the Primary Method of Change as it is one of the safest and most productive methods available today. Each routine we use is custom designed based on each clients Health History and Desires.

Why the over engineering you ask? Because people can tell the difference between a horse and a car, because they can tell the difference between a Ford and a Mercedes, and because they can tell the difference between a Mercedes and a Rolls Royce. Come in and try the difference, the difference that neither the Multi-Million Dollar Large Gyms and the other studios don’t offer. We also have a selection of dumbbells and benches because some free weight exercises are just perfect.

Why Machines and Weights you ask? Simply because progressive resistance training is the most efficient way to train and change the body. The history of Progressive resistance training goes back to 400 BC when Milo of Croton, lifted a baby calf overhead every day until it was a bull. The Celts used different sized stones to lift. Fencing and Gymnastics were used as the core of exercise for a long time especially in the military until the invention of the gun. And Gymnastics, 95% are not strong enough to do a single chin up or single dip so it really wasn’t a realistic method. Calisthenics? While most people can do less than 10 pushups the person who can do more than 50 doesn’t get any more stimulation, you know like a coal miner for the first thirty days they can barely move and when they retire 30 years later they are weaker than when they started

The first miracle was the adjustable barbell circa 1910 which would let a trainee exercise at an appropriate level or resistance.

The variable resistance machines were introduced in the 1950’s the Pulldown where even the weakest person could emulate a chin up. They were made popular by the 1970 Miami Dolfins, (Still the only NFL team to finish undefeated) but the bigger boost came from Bo Derek when asked on the “Tonight Show” how she got that body for “10” she replied, “Nautilus”.

Most people can get an outstanding workout in 15 to 60 minutes. In fact the average workout in any gym is 20 minutes the other hour and 40 minutes is usually spent socializing.

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