Where Personal Training is Our Business Not a Sideline.
Personal Best One on One Training Studio

About Us

Personal Best One on One was founded September 19, 1998 on the Premise of providing the highest quality training in a supportive atmosphere with the best equipment.

We wanted a place where both the client and the trainer experienced the dignity they deserved. A place different from the gym experience people have come to know.

We’ve been the launching pad for almost all the other studios out here, that includes, Rail Road Fitness, Gravity Wave, Nu Image, Studio 89, Lift Hampton, Yes at one time, after they left the plantation mentality of the large gyms, they all trained with us. We wish them all well, as the universe is a place of abundance and there is a ton, of work to be done.

Why as a client should you have to fight general members to get to the equipment you paid for? Never a wait here. Over the last 11 years the have been at least a dozen equipment upgrades before finally settling with 30 pieces of Medx the (Rolls Royce of the fitness and Medical community), Hammer Strength (used by every professional and college sports program) and several pieces of Re-engineered Classic Nautilus. Of course we also have dumbbells and benches. We did this because that’s what it takes to make a

A No Compromise Facility!

Personal Best One on One Training Studio
Personal Best One on One Training Studio

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264 Butter Ln.
Bridgehampton, NY Phone: 631-725-8881
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E-mail: L_Ware@Hotmail.com